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About Us

Holden Heights Community Development Corporation (HHCDC) was charted July 15, 2016 to provide assistance and services to the community especially the economically disenfranchised and other “At Risk” individuals.  With a commitment to improving the lives of this population sector that includes low to moderate-income families.   The corporation was formed for revitalizing targeted deteriorating especially those composed of disintegrating families living in inadequate, substandard housing and with a lack of economic opportunities. the primary purpose of our program is to develop affordable housing (for our targeted families by income categories as determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development), employment opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, business creation, healthcare advocacy, and empowerment.  We also believe that in pursuit of the revitalization of deteriorating communities, homeownership alone will not resolve the problem. In order to rid designated target areas of slums and blight, residents must have opportunities to become viable participants within their communities. 


Our program is designed to meet the needs by enlisting the participation mentioned above.  Our services will enable citizens to acquire meaningful employment/training, economic development, entrepreneurial opportunities, affordable housing, healthcare advocacy, and empowerment. To accomplish this, we will utilize our established rapport and partnership with community-based organizations as well as with private, state and federal agencies. Through coordinate support service to the extremely low to moderate-income individuals and families that will enable them to achieve economic independence and move towards self-sufficiency.

Our Partners


Bakari F. Burns

District 6 Commissioner

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